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About The Owner

Darius Ellison is a MAT® Master Practitioner and a CSCS-certified Strength and Conditioning coach who has helped his clients achieve their athletic and general fitness goals for over a decade.  "One day a client asked me, "How do you know that the muscles you want me to use are the muscles that are actually working right now?" Of course, with 10 years training experience, this is what I knew inside and out.  In reality, I could not be 100% sure.  She told me about Greg Roskopf and Muscle Activation Techniques®, I looked into it and immediately knew I had found the thing I was missing to help my clients achieve even more. 

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What Is Muscle Activation Techniques®

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT®) is a revolutionary muscle technique that corrects muscular imbalances that cause pain and limit performance. Unlike other forms of treatment, MAT® gets to the root of the pain by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness. Through this process, natural alignment is restored which decreases pain and reduces risk of injury.  

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Initial Assessment

The MAT® practitioner will perform a series of initial range of motion assessments that will aim to give them a baseline view to address your specific muscular limitations.

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Muscle Testing and Activation

Once a limitation is determined, muscle testing and corresponding activation technique is performed on each muscle involved in the movement.

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Reset Muscle Function

Every MAT® session will work toward improving your muscular contractile efficiency and build a higher tolerance level for your neuromuscular system and in turn increases your stress threshold as a whole.

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